Whitening Strips Might Help Maintain Professionally Whitened Teeth

Dental stains that saturate your tooth enamel may be too tough for retail whitening products to remove. At the same time, excessive use of these products could potentially harm your teeth and irritate your gums. If you are struggling to deal with significant stains on your teeth, you should consider... Read more »

Stress in Your Life May Lead to Jaw Clenching and Teeth Grinding

Stressful events and situations occur in everybody’s life at one time or another. It may come from your job or personal life. Stress materializes in different ways for different people. One common way that it appears is problematic for your oral health. When you become nervous, for any reason, clenching... Read more »

How to Help Your Baby Have a Good Oral Health

Your baby deserves an oral health that is strong and successful. Fortunately, there are things you can do regularly to help them achieve that status. Our dentist, Dr. Matthew Warlick, is more than happy to help you help your child by telling you all about the things you should do... Read more »

A Single Tooth with a Large Cavity Might Need a Dental Crown

Your routine dental checkups at Tulsa Family Dental’s dental office is designed to detect early signs of oral cancer, periodontal health problems, and cavities. This is an important step in prevention and treatment of most oral health maladies. Yet it is still possible for a cavity to develop on one... Read more »

A Cavity That Spreads to the Pulp of a Tooth May Need a Root Canal

Tooth enamel that has been compromised by poor oral hygiene is at an increased risk of suffering a cavity. This often starts with mild discomfort or a noticeable change in the tooth’s texture. As the tooth decay worsens, the sensitive dentin layer beneath the tooth enamel could start to react... Read more »

Dentistry Topics for Beginners: Bruxism

Not all oral health conditions operate in the same manner. One particularly difficult condition to be aware of is known as bruxism. Bruxism occurs due to the unconscious the grinding of your teeth. Although bruxism can often be treated, it is very likely to go unnoticed due to the fact... Read more »

We Provide the Answers to Your Biggest Root Canal Questions

Root canal treatment is an effective method to preserve teeth that can’t be restored through a dental filling, crown, or other restoration. A root canal is typically the last treatment option Dr. Matthew Warlick will recommend before a tooth extraction, and he can answer all of your biggest questions about... Read more »

All About Tooth Enamel Loss

If you want a top-notch oral health and smile, then you need to do everything you can to keep your tooth enamel in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, tooth enamel loss is possible, and it can alter your smile and oral health in more ways than you might realize. To help you... Read more »

Acid Reflux and Your Dental Health

If you have acid reflux or gastrointestinal disease (GERD), your stomach and esophagus are not the only parts of your body that are at risk; your teeth and gums may be affected as well. This medical condition means that stomach acids sometimes travel up your esophagus and into your mouth.... Read more »

Let Our Gum Disease Treatment Restore Your Healthy Smile

A healthy smile depends as much on the condition of your gums as it does on your teeth. And yet, gum disease is a very common condition today. Why is this? Especially since it is preventable in the first place? One of the most important things you can do to ensure... Read more »