Dental Bridges Can Replace and Stabilize Teeth

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If you have lost a permanent adult tooth, you may consider replacing it with a dental bridge. Bridges give you an artificial tooth, and they are often attached to nearby teeth for support. This support is not just for the bridge, but for the surrounding teeth as well. By doing this, they can help you avoid a few issues that can come because of a missing tooth.

Your teeth rely on each other for support. When a tooth gets knocked out and lost, nearby teeth can loosen, which leads them to drift out of their proper positions. This can make your smile look somewhat awkward, but it can bring about more pressing concerns. When your teeth get misaligned in this way, you may have more difficulty with speaking and chewing. The shift in teeth positions may also cause discomfort in your temporomandibular joints, the places where your jaw hinges.

You need not worry because a dental bridge can help you prevent these issues. A bridge can help keep your surrounding teeth remain stable so they stay in their proper positions. Since it both replaces a missing tooth and keeps nearby teeth stable, it can help you chew food without much concern and help you speak normally. Your temporomandibular joints can also feel at ease, being spared the discomfort that can be caused by shifting teeth.

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