Dentistry Topics for Beginners: Bruxism

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Not all oral health conditions operate in the same manner. One particularly difficult condition to be aware of is known as bruxism. Bruxism occurs due to the unconscious the grinding of your teeth. Although bruxism can often be treated, it is very likely to go unnoticed due to the fact that often occurs while you sleep. Indications of bruxism include the following:

– Do you suffer from pain that feels like an earache, but pain that does not arise in your ear?

– If you suffer from any symptoms of headaches when you wake up that feel as if they originate in your temples, bruxism may be to blame.

– Search for flat, chipped, fractured, loose, or otherwise abnormal teeth.

– Jaw and face muscles that feel tired or tight may be an indication of bruxism.

– If you detect any peculiar indentations or strange markings on your tongue, bruxism may be present.

– If you gnash your teeth together loud enough to wake your sleep partner, bruxism may be present.

– Extreme cheek tissue damage, including damage to the inner lining, is often present with bruxism.

– Inspect your smile for any excessive jaw, face, head, or neck pain or soreness.

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