We Provide the Answers to Your Biggest Root Canal Questions

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Root canal treatment is an effective method to preserve teeth that can’t be restored through a dental filling, crown, or other restoration. A root canal is typically the last treatment option Dr. Matthew Warlick will recommend before a tooth extraction, and he can answer all of your biggest questions about root canal treatment.

Why do I need a root canal?
Dental pulp, the internal core of the tooth, can become inflamed and infected by conditions such as severe dental decay, a crack in the tooth, lots of dental treatment, or an extreme blow to the face. If this happens, you may experience severe pain and can’t use the tooth properly. A root canal could restore the tooth and prevent tooth extraction.

What are some signs I need a root canal?       
Common symptoms of needing a root canal include severe pain, sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures, tooth discoloration, and tenderness and swelling in the nearby gums. However, sometimes, there are no symptoms.

What is the process of a root canal procedure?
Root canal treatment can require one to three appointments because certain stages of treatment need to be performed with great care. First, Dr. Matthew Warlick removes the diseased pulp, then cleans the inner chamber and root canal before sealing the tooth. To restore the damaged tooth, he can cover it with a dental crown.

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