Let Our Gum Disease Treatment Restore Your Healthy Smile

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A healthy smile depends as much on the condition of your gums as it does on your teeth. And yet, gum disease is a very common condition today. Why is this? Especially since it is preventable in the first place? One of the most important things you can do to ensure healthy gums is to brush and floss daily. This is important because along with regular professional dental cleanings, these are key actions that get rid of harmful plaque in the mouth.

Plaque is a sticky biofilm with millions of bacteria that coats the tongue, teeth, and gums. It can build up quickly if you don’t remove it daily. When that happens, and the bacteria infect gum tissue, they can pull back from your teeth and form pockets. People in the advanced stages of periodontal disease find themselves with tooth loss and even bone loss.

So, how do you know if you have signs of gum disease? Look for the following:

-Changes in your bite

-Loose teeth

-Chronic bad breath

-Lingering bad taste in the mouth

-Receding gums, bleeding gums, red or swollen gums.

At Contemporary Dental Arts, we offer gum disease treatment for our patients who need help fighting this insidious disease. Our dentist, Dr. Matthew Warlick may opt to increase your professional dental cleanings, provide a scaling or root planing treatment, outline steps you can take at home to improve your daily oral hygiene care, prescribe antibiotics to fight infection, or recommend gum surgery.

If it has been awhile since you have had a dental cleaning, or you have any of the signs outlined above, please give our team in  Tulsa, Oklahoma, a call at 918-459-9090 today. We are here to help you restore your healthy smile!