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Dental Exams and Cleaning in Tulsa, OK

At Tulsa Family Dental, you can easily schedule an appointment to have a routine Dental Exam and Cleaning performed by one of our terrific hygienists. During your initial visit, Dr. Matthew Warlick will perform a comprehensive exam to determine your overall oral health. By taking the first step and scheduling a Dental Exam and Cleaning, you can enhance your oral health while taking care of any issues that may be causing you pain or frustration. We will discuss any treatments you may need, and help you pick the best options available.

The first step of your Dental Exam is a full series of x-rays. By reviewing your x-rays, Dr. Warlick can determine if there are any signs of decay, bone loss, cysts, or other growths. X-rays also help identify where the roots are positioned in the teeth if further dental work is needed. Next, your gums are evaluated to make sure that you have no symptoms of periodontal disease or oral cancer. Finally, Dr. Warlick will examine your previous dental work to see if any fillings or crowns need to be replaced or repaired.

A professional hygienist will perform your Cleaning, also known as a prophylaxis.  The hygienist begins by removing any tartar and plaque buildup layered on your teeth. The removal of this buildup is important in the prevention of future cavities forming, as well as to gain added protection from inflammation of the gums. A thorough flossing will be performed to remove unwanted food debris and plaque in between your teeth. The hygienist will then finely polish your teeth to remove any stains or excess plaque that may still remain.

By maintaining good oral hygiene, and having a thorough Dental Exam and Cleaning every six months, you can keep your teeth in top shape. You can also avoid unnecessary and painful procedures in the future caused by neglect.

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